The city behind Capcom Vancouver


There are a lot of things that we brag about when we talk about our jobs at Capcom Vancouver. The studio has a great culture, it feels like a small studio but we still get to work on big exciting projects.  

Tonight in Vancouver: It's a jungle out there.   


Our management team is transparent and weekly all-studio meetings build a sense of teamwork that surpasses anything else I've seen in the industry. There's also the great games that we're working on, and that we've got in our back catalogue. While we can't yet brag about the cool stuff we're doing now, the studio has an impressive track record that runs from The Bigs through to Dead Rising 3.


We're justifiably proud of our studio management, the great games we've released and our great relationship with Capcom. But there's one great part of working at Capcom Vancouver that we don't get to take credit for, and that's the Vancouver part of our name.


Spectacular snow, spectacular scenery, spectacular weather     


The studio itself is located in the suburb of Burnaby British Columbia and many of us call Vancouver our home. Vancouver is consistently ranked as the best city to live in North America and places high in the top ten of any global quality of life ranking. It's a city where you can jog along the seawall in the morning and be on the slopes of Whistler for night skiing.        


I <3 Japadog


Vancouver is a culinary adventure, from burgers and Canada's natural treasure poutine (French fries covered with cheese curds and gravy) to world class Asian food and eats like Japadog that somehow manage to merge the two there's always something great to eat whether you're looking for five star dining or a quick bite from a food truck.


Fin Pat


For entertainment there's rock and roll shows and sports teams that never seem to win as much as we want them to. The Vancouver Canucks play to packed crowds at GM Place in the National Hockey League and the Whitecaps thrill soccer fans just next store in BC Place. We were host to the 2010 Olympic Winter Games and everyone has a story about being on Robson Street cheering as the Canadian hockey teams won gold medals.


Granville Street


We're not just a city where you can experience great culture, we create it to. From video game studios, like us, to movie crews as a city we're making entertainment for the world. You've seen Vancouver play everything from Hong Kong to New York and even some places that don't exist like Central City and Smallville.


Matthew Lillard Guest-Directs "Come Home Soon"


Vancouver is a safe and friendly city, with everything from the sea to the sky—right on your doorstep. Vancouver is consistently rated one of the best cities in the world, and here’s why: it’s multicultural and diverse, with breathtaking scenery and a temperate climate that anyone can enjoy. From a rich selection of outdoor sports, to quality and varied cuisine, to breath-taking mountain and ocean views, Vancouver is the best place in the world to live and work.


Capcom Game Studio Vancouver is proud to call it our home.