The #CapVan Dispatch - March '16



Introduction: "I've covered wars you know"


Over the years Capcom Vancouver has been making some great games, including The Bigs baseball franchise and more recently the Dead Rising series. We've been doing this quietly and in relative secrecy in our Canadian HQ guarded by a specially trained murder of crows. Like supervillains they've emerged only when our plans came to fruition, releasing another zombie horde onto the world before retreating into the Burnaby mists and vanishing.


This is something that we want to change. We're tired of the supervillain life. We're proud of what we make and want to share it with our fans. We want to do better at connecting with you and so we're trying to be more social and to be more transparent.


All of which is a long winded way of saying "Hey we hired a Community Manager and want to hear from you!" The #CapVan Dispatch (ugh terrible name) is one way that we're going to share what's going on in the studio. It'll be a monthly (for now) look at everything we can talk about and a chance to show off some of the best stuff going on in our community.


And a chance for you to win some prizes. Speaking of which...




Give us a name and win a T-shirt


Do you want this T-Shirt? Come up with a better name than #CapVan Dispatch.


The #CapVan Dispatch is a ridiculously lame name. I am stumped on what a monthly (for now) newsletter to our fans should be called and that's as good as I've come up with. So for our first contest we'll give one of these nifty Capcom T-shirts featuring Frank West and other Capcom icons to whomever comes up with a better name.


To enter either Tweet at us with the hashtag #CapVanName or email us at with the title #CapVanName. If yours is the name we choose then we'll send you one of the (above) pictured shirts.  If we use a name that multiple people submitted then we'll go with the first person to send it in.




Community Spotlight


killing zombies can spark an appetite 💀🍕 #frankwest #deadrising #capcom

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One of our goals both with this monthly (for now) update and our general new more open stance is that we want to highlight some of the great stuff that our fans are doing. Last week we did our first #FanArtFriday on Twitter and Facebook but we want to have more!


Do you cosplay as Frank West? Do you have a Nick Ramos tattoo? Do you have the best Chuck Greene machinima online? Whatever it is share it with us by reaching out to us on Twitter or via email at




reCap News


Naomi Kyle got her hands on several of Dead Rising's combo weapons at Capcom Vancouver.
Naomi Kyle got her hands on several of Dead Rising's combo weapons at Capcom Vancouver.


Here is where we can share some of the goings on at the studio in the past month.




#AskCapVan Q&As


Whatever we end up calling this one of the regular features will be a Q&A section where our developers will answer questions from you the fans. To submit a question on Twitter use the hashtag #AskCapVan or email us at with AskCapVan in the title.


Some stuff we won't be able to answer, but we'll try to address every question we get! To start this off I hit the development team with a few of my own questions.



Left to right: Eric Canavese, Dillon MacPherson, Victor Jia, unknown, Peng Zhang, Ian Fraser, Neil Hogan, Scott McGillivray, Jonathan Mah, Michael Cartier, Tracey Saretsky, Robyn Ingham, Cameron Lee, Trant Lee-Amies, unknown, Keith Lea, Scott Balmer, unknown, George Gao, unknown
Left to right: Eric Canavese, Dillon MacPherson, Victor Jia, unknown, Peng Zhang, Ian Fraser, Neil Hogan, Scott McGillivray, Jonathan Mah, Michael Cartier, Tracey Saretsky, Robyn Ingham, Cameron Lee, Trant Lee-Amies, unknown, Keith Lea, Scott Balmer, unknown, George Gao, unknown


Q: What type of zombies do you find the scariest?



"Underwater zombies. Murky water for concealment or clear water for creepy factor. Either way, not good." - Dee Jay Randall, Software Engineer


"The ones from The Walking Dead. The art direction on those zombies is great. I think I find the dried-out skinny ancient ones the scariest." - Duncan Shields, Cinematics Animator


"Fast zombies like the rage virus victims in 28 Days Later or those horrifying Resident Evil 5 zombies." - Jim Dodge, Designer


"Zombies that keep coming back even after you’ve destroyed them are at the top of my list (eg. Regeneradores from RE4, The Hunter from Dead Space)." - Scott Balmer, Designer


"They are all pretty scary." - Oscar Yang, Software Engineer


"Necroborgs." - Glen Lewis, Technical Artist


"The people who got bit and won't tell anyone they're bit. Technically, they're not a zombie yet, but the scariest zombies are the ones you don't know WHEN they're going to turn." - Dusit Eakkachaichanvet, Software Engineer


"Quiet and fast ones. If ya don’t hear em coming you’re pretty much screwed." - Jamieson Shearer, Designer


"Left for Dead zombies, the infection is spread via airborne means so it doesn’t even matter if you’re bitten. You’ll turn. Plus they’re fast and dangerous." - Braden Bahen, Mission Designer


"The witch in Left for Dead, because you think she’s a normal person and then she turns on you. Freaks me out every single time." - Lindsey Williamson Christy, Project Manager


"Not fearful of zombies." - Andrew Deneault, Online Game Designer


"The ones that are wearing better gear than me. If they couldn't survive, makes my chances look grim." - Brian Boog, Designer


"Zombie Michael Jackson in Thriller.  I grew up loving the song and terrified of the video." - Scott McGillivray, Software Engineer




Coldplay isn't zombie food... yet. - from Shaun of the Dead



Q: In Shaun of the Dead we learn that Coldplay survives the zombie apocalypse - do you buy that? What music act do you think is likely to survive?



"I'd put my money on Iron Maiden making it through just fine." - Jamieson Shearer, Designer


"That only proves that some of Coldplay survived to the end of the film.  I like to think that those 2 organized a charity concert to honour their fallen bandmembers.  As for who would survive my best is on Rammstein – I can totally see them walking down the street with their flamethrower masks on hosing down giant package of zombies." - David McAnerin, Designer


"Some sort of heavy metal band for sure." - Julio Nicoletti, Props Artist


"The Rolling Stones. They're so old they'd blend right in! Robert Smith would likely be just fine as well." - Jesse Lyon, Sound Artist


"Coldplay isn't just a band, it's an idea. You can't kill an idea."  - Dusit Eakkachaichanvet, Software Engineer


"Rolling Stones." - Glen Lewis, Technical Artist


"DMX. Kevin can elaborate." - Lilian Umurungi, Human Resources Coordinator


"Simple... cuz. X GON' GIVE IT TO YA!" - Kevin de Leon, Recruiter



Q: Look at what’s on your desk right now – combine two things into a weapon. What is your weapon and are you going to survive?



"Toy Airplane + Bottle of White Board Cleaner = flying chemical bomber. More of a support weapon while someone else takes the front lines, so my survival depends …" - Craig Peters, Software Engineer


"A speeder-bike mouse flail." - Duncan Shields, Cinematic Animator


"I have a NERF gun and obviously computer parts. I think I can make some explosive rounds using NERF darts, gum and computer parts." - Oscar Yang, Software Engineer


"Headset and gamepad nunchuks. No (I don't survive)." - Glen Lewis, Technical Artist


"Great question. First, I'm going to eat from the bag of chips on my desk to regain some health ... Glancing around, I've got a desktop computer, monitors, keyboard, mouse. Right away I know I can take the laser pointer from my mouse, mash it with the graphics card powering my desktop and I've got a laser rifle; but that's too easy. I could take the cables and the power supply, wrap them around my fists to make shock gloves... but I haven't worked out in years, so I'd better stick to my strengths as a software engineer. With the keyboard, I am at my deadliest; I program a computer "virus" that infects the firmware on my monitor, reversing its polarity, so instead of casting light, it sucks in light---i.e. a black hole. With the cables, I secure the artificial black hole to my chest, so I still have my hands free. I don the shock gloves, pick up my laser rifle, and proceed to win the apocalypse." - Dusit Eakkachaichanvet, Software Engineer / Zombie Survivalist


"An apple, and a mug. My weapon will be apple juice. I am not going to survive." - Neil Hogan, Systems Administrator


"Toys taped to Post-Its... I have no chance of making it out alive..." - Brian Boog, Designer


"A banana." - Cameron Lee, Animator / Zombie Food



Q: Which Dead Rising character is your favourite?



"Katey Greene." - Duncan Shields, Cinematic Animator


"Chunk." - Oscar Yang, Software Engineer


"This is probably going to be a little out there, but my favourite characters from Dead Rising were the Convicts in DR1.  The 3 psychos in prison uniforms that raced around the courtyard in Dead Rising 1.  Obviously they weren’t the deepest characters and they didn’t have much of a narrative arc, but I spent hours working on plans for getting their vehicle and the mounted gun on the back of it." - David McAnerin, Designer


"Frank." - Glen Lewis, Technical Artist


"Frank West. The original bad-ass." - Dusit Eakkachaichanvet, Software Engineer


"Frank West of course." - Jamieson Shearer, Designer


"Chuck!" - Cameron Lee, Animator


"Frank. It's gotta be Frank. He’s a wise-cracking train wreck that puts a smile on anyone’s face when surrounded by a thousand carnivorous undead." - Neil Hogan, Systems Administrator


"TK. The guy was such a jerk, and some of the things he made you do were hilarious." - Brian Boog, Designer


"Without a doubt Frank West." - Lindsey Williamson Christy, Project Manager


"Nick Ramos. If I couldn't make video games I would be a mechanic." - Scott McGillivrary, Software Engineer


"Chuck - because he is a single father trying to take care of his kid. And a motorcycle champ." - Jim Dodge, Designer



See you in April


And so that's the end of the first ever #VanCap Dispatch. Please come up with a new name. I beg of you. Otherwise we'll meet again back here in the first week of April.


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