Our weekend Game Jam


  It's pretty awesome to get to make video games for a living. Day in and day out we get to come into this great studio and work on games that the world loves and that we love too. Making games is such a passion at the studio that we're not always satisfied with just making games professionally we want to do it for fun as well, in our free time.


Game Jam 2016


Enter Game Jams. Earlier this year some of the crew at Capcom Vancouver took part in the Vancouver edition of the Global Game Jam an event bringing together both amateur and professional game designers.




Hugline Miami from the Capcom Vancouver Game Jam



Attack on Kitten from the Capcom Vancouver Game Jam



Last weekend a group of developers at the studio held a Capcom Vancouver internal Game Jam. The Jam was organized by software engineer Jon Wiedemann who explained where the idea came from and how it went down:



When we found out that the studio was going to be using Unreal Engine 4, I really wanted to just jump in and see what I could do with it.


We've never had a game jam at the studio, and with UE4, we now had that flexibility to create something interesting in a short amount of time.


The goal was for us to learn about how to use the engine, how to collaborate with others in UE4, and find out how difficult it was to prototype and try new ideas.


Our theme for the game jam was "Elastic". We had 10 participants, who split in to 3 teams. We held the game jam over a 48 hour period, but each team probably put in less than 24 hours' worth of work.


For almost all of us, this was our first time using UE4. So a lot of the time was spent understanding how to use the editor, how blueprints work, and following along with the great tutorials that Epic provides.


We were surprised at how fast we were able to just get our ideas in the game!


In the end we had 3 very unique games. A food slingshot game, a twin-stick shooter where you try to get objects to hug each other, and a 2D top down defense game where you're trying to repel giant cats from attacking your castle!


We all had a lot of fun, and we hope to do another game jam in the near future!



Wait Are You Doing from the Capcom Vancouver Game Jam