Nobody does Halloween like Capcom Vancouver


l1001350 l1001351 img_562701c703e9b2fd05d4b646b8fae5e962efc1a35a0e98 Here at Capcom Vancouver we have a lot of creative and talented people. Normally we spend our days using their abilities to make some of the best video games in the industry, but once a year our creative energy turns to Halloween. Our annual costume contest is epic, with staff spending countless hours of their non-work lives crafting unique costumes for a chance to win bragging rights for the year.

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This year saw record participation as new arrivals to the studio gave the old professionals a run for their money. From Stranger Things and the US Presidential Election to Star Wars the costumes crossed pop culture and video games.

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Thank you to everyone at the studio who took part, and who helped make this such a creative place to work!

jessbrian-boog damon-hines-drago-bludvist Halloween 2016