Super Ultra Dead Rising 4 Mini Golf out now


“You said we were gonna play mini golf!” – Frank West, Dead Rising 4.


Frank West was promised mini golf and he’s going to get mini golf, as Super Ultra Dead Rising 4 Mini Golf launches today on Xbox One, Windows 10 and Steam.



Bringing three modes of zombie stroking play to the tee (Online Multiplayer, Local Multiplayer and Single Player), we’ve constructed a challenge for the most avid undead golfer. With Frank in the announcer’s box offering the most colorful of color-commentary, players will take control of Connor, Isaac, Jessa and Jordan as they compete on six different courses each with four holes. Armed with an arsenal of 3 clubs, players will have a Driver for long range shots, a Wedge for shooting over obstacles and of course a Putter for putting the ball in the hole.


Players will also be able to use the Ball Buster, a wheel of misfortune that allows them to randomly select a player (including themselves) and add a status affect that can change the game such as; bouncier balls, reduced shot power, a sped up or hidden shot meter and new obstacles on the course. Truly screw over the competition for extra hilarity by playing cheap and dirty.


Of course, a Dead Rising game wouldn’t be complete without the ability to pulverize zombies in a unique fashion, and driving the ball through the undead hordes will give players Zenny, the Super Ultra Dead Rising 4 Mini Golf currency. This earned currency can be used to buy awesome character customization options that will let players outfit their character with a variety of new skills and looks including:
• 8 unique club sets; higher level clubs have longer range and larger sweet spots to get you closer and more accurately to the hole • A variety of golf balls that can have explosive effects when you get the perfect shot • 20 Exo Suits to purchase, with a variety of different colors to fit your style • Over 10 unique helmets to add flare to your character


Super Ultra Dead Rising 4 Mini Golf is included as part of the Dead Rising 4 Season Pass for $24.99 (USD) / €19.99 / £16.24, which is available for purchase in the Microsoft Store and on Steam. Players can also get the pack as a standalone purchase for $9.99 (USD) / €9.99 / £7.99, or get the game and Season Pass together in the Dead Rising 4 Digital Deluxe Edition which is $79.99 (USD) / €79.99 / £54.99.


If you haven’t had a chance yet to pick up Dead Rising 4, download the game from the Microsoft Store and play the first hour for free before you buy.


From zombie infection to golf swing perfection, Dead Rising 4 is the ideal excuse to stay inside this summer. To keep up-to-date on everything Dead Rising follow us on Twitter and LIKE our Facebook page.