Dev Profile: UI Artist Melody Copeman


At Capcom Vancouver we’re proud of the games that we make and even more proud about the people we get to make them with. Today we’re taking a look at one of those people behind the games as we sit down with User Interface (UI) Artist Melody Copeman.  

What does a UI Artist do?

As a UI artist, I’m primarily responsible for creating the look and feel of menus, icons, maps, etc. I aim to get relevant information to the player and make interfaces feel intuitive. In a nutshell, I make menus look good.


Describe your typical work week.

The majority of my week is spent drawing up concepts, documenting process, and collaborating with different departments. The designers and art director provide an idea of how they want screens to look and function; after a design has been mocked up and chosen, I communicate with programmers to make those designs fully functional.


Profile Pic.


How did you get into the gaming industry?

When I was at art school I started creating my own games from scratch—the art, sound, and programming. They were very simple but I realized I loved making games. I already knew some people in the industry and was able to get some experience volunteering and by working as QA at Hinterland Games. Eventually I built up a UI portfolio and applied to Capcom Vancouver.


What part of your job gets you the most excited?

There are so many things I love about my job! I feel incredibly fortunate to make art every day and collaborate with such an amazing group of people. Because of how quickly the game industry changes I feel I’m constantly being challenged to grow and learn new skills. If I had to pick one thing I enjoy the most, it would probably be the actual art creation—taking rough wireframes and seeing them through to completion.


What about working at Capcom Vancouver do you enjoy the most?

I love the community and culture we have here. When I first came to Capcom I was excited to see how inviting people were to newcomers. There were many opportunities to get involved in nerdy stuff, like board games and D&D. What I didn’t expect was how involved people got with Halloween! Last year over half the studio dressed up in creative and sometimes very elaborate costumes. As someone who loves costumes and cosplays it was awesome to see so many people getting involved.


Melody & Shannon in Seattle


What's your favourite place in Vancouver?

I would say it’s a toss-up between forested areas like Pacific Spirit Regional Park and this little tea shop on Main Street called Sweet Revenge.


What's your favourite video game?

Fez. I love games with puzzle/platformer mechanics and original narratives. The overall aesthetic, soundtrack, and depth to the game is incredible. Every time you think you understand the game it has another layer to peel back.


What do you enjoy doing outside of games?

Drawing and volunteering with eatART, an organization that makes large scale robots that initiate conversations about renewable energy.


To see samples of Melody's art visit her personal site.