Dead Rising 4 slays critics and 1 billion zombies



Dead Rising 4 has not even been out a week yet and still players have killed over 1 billion zombies in both the single player campaign and our new 4 player co-op mode. With more players slaying more zombies every day we expect this to be a bloody holiday season.


Meanwhile the press have given Frank West's return to Willamette high marks. A sampling of Frank West's best press is after the jump.


"Dead Rising 4 has the best core gameplay the series has ever seen. Its inventive and humorous ways to put down the dead are something I still haven’t tired of, and its surprisingly interesting plot is more than just a zombie-killing delivery system." - IGN


"Dead Rising 4 is able to take the best elements of the older and newer games in the series and mash them into a spectacular open-world zombie-slaying experience. The game’s core gameplay is just so engaging and enjoyable that diving into hordes after hordes of zombies to wreak havoc never gets old, and having Frank West back in the action makes it even better." - Attack of the Fanboy


"...bloody, chaotic, and downright hilarious. If you’re looking to turn your brain off this holiday season, and de-stress with gratuitous violence, this is the game for you." - Gaming Trend


"A zombie slaying experience unlike anything else on the market. It’s a riot, it’s a hoot and it’s on Santa’s nice list." - Hardcore Gamer


Dead Rising 4 is out now on Xbox One and Windows 10.