Dead Rising 4 slays at E3


From the moment that Dead Rising 4 was announced at this year's E3 everyone here at Capcom Vancouver realized that we had something special on our hands. During the long dark tea time of our souls developing the game in secrecy we hoped that people would like what we were working on and the choices that we were making, but actually getting the game in front of fans and press and seeing a remarkable response has been gratifying.  

When E3 was all said and done Dead Rising 4 was nominated for 21 E3 awards and won 11 of them.

  Awards Won 1. CBC – Best of Show 2. Gamer Headquarters - E3 Best Xbox Game 3. Level Up - Top 5: Best E3 exclusives 4. Level Up - Top 5: Most surprising E3 games 5. Shut Up and Take My Gold – Coolest In-Game Items 6. Tom’s Guide – Best Action Game 7. We Got This Covered – Best of the Best 8. US Gamer – Editor’s Choice Award 9. Level Camp – Choice Award 10. VG 24/7 – Editor’s Choice Award E3 2016 11. Rooster Teeth – Games we love E3 2016  

  Award Nominations 1. CGM – Best of Show 2. Gamer Headquarters – Best Console Game 3. Gamer Headquarters – Best of Show 4. Gamerspack – Choice of the Pack Awards 5. Gizmodo – Best Games of E3 6. Hardcore Gamer - Best of E3 2016: Trailer 7. Level Camp – Choice Award 8. Pocket Lint – Best Shooters and Action Games 9. US Gamer - USgamer's Best of E3 2016 Award Winners and Community Picks 10. VG 24/7 – Editor’s Choice Award