Capcom Vancouver April '16 Update

studio Here at Capcom Vancouver we're hard at work on multiple projects. While we have been a bit more open in interacting with our fans and dropping a few nuggets of information about what we're working on until we officially announce what at least one of our projects are there's a certain level of secrecy at work.


Yet even if we can't yet talk about what we're working on we've very excited to be able to talk about how we're working on it and give fans and our fellow game developers a peak behind the yellow letters at the world of Capcom Vancouver.




reCap News

Trolley Time
We're constantly learning new things in game development, and GDC'16 was the perfect place to learn from our fellow devs and ride a trolley.


It's been a busy month at the studio. We keep growing with lots of new staff joining us as we continue to be Vancouver's fastest growing game studio. There's still open jobs for those who want to join the excitement.


  • The city behind Capcom Vancouver: Vancouver is a world class city and it's a suitable location for making world class games. Learn more about our home town.
  • Video game careers - 14 Questions: Our developers answer 14 questions from a high school student about their careers in the games industry.
  • Our weekend Game Jam: We love making games so much that we're even making them on our days off.
  • GDC 2016 - Learning from our peers: The annual Game Developers Convention was an opportunity for members of our studio to mingle with their fellow game developers and keep learning how to make better games.


We've even had a few unseasonably sunny days giving us the opportunity to enjoy Friday beers on our patio.






Community Spotlight


Chuck and Snowflake from Dead Rising 2 by Jiggly.






Once more we threw out a request for questions on our social channels. We're here and hoping to be able to get more of a chance to interact with you. Since we're working on unannounced projects some of these questions will have to be skillfully avoided and so we will.


April's questions were handled by Community Manager Jeffery Simpson.



Q: @HEELSherrod: If I work there, can I bring back Rival Schools? #AskCapVan

A: Well we're working on a few projects now, and probably aren't quite ready to take on a new one yet. I can't say if any of those projects are Rival Schools related. But one of the great things about Capcom Vancouver is that the studio has an open and transparent culture within the studio and a great relationship with Capcom.  Anything is possible.



Q: @Myoldvan111: @CapcomVancouver are you gonna try and get DR 1 to Xboxone or PC? #AskCapVan

A: We can't talk about things that aren't announced, even if they're not announced because they don't exist. We do know there's a lot of love out there for the Dead Rising series and even if we didn't work on the original game it's a favorite at the studio.



Q: @JoeDin2056: @CapcomVancouver #AskCapVan this year in August is dead risings 10th anniversary, are you planning anything special?

A: I'm pushing for cake.


Q: @Rosvel: #askcapvan Disneyland/Hollywood Parody setting? Going more Sci-Fi? Aliens like enemies? Chuck going to space? #DeadRising

A: That's a lot of ideas. Dead Rising 2: Off The Record did have a theme park like setting with Uranus Zone.


Q: @SecondRichard: With Frank being the most popular character, why was he excluded from the main DR3 story? #AskCapVan

A: Frank is definitely the most iconic character in the series, but it's nice to expand beyond just his perspective. Chuck and Nick both have views that are very different from Frank's, and each other and that allows for a lot of different story telling possibilities.  We really like being able to add to the Dead Rising universe and while Frank may be forever in our hearts there's other characters we love as well.


Q: Toby Major: Have you guys ever thought of doing a wacky crazy spoof of resident evil? Set in an open world racoon city? Come on.... It's to perfect... Lol Waves of zombies , umbrella troops, tyrants, lickers, dogs and crazy over the top boss fights with nemisis.... Plus you could have a bunch of different playable characters. Would be crazy!!!

A: There's a lot of opportunities for doing cool stuff with Capcom characters. One of the great things that we've been allowed to do which is very rare in the industry is use iconic character designs like Mega Man and the Street Fighter characters (costumes) in the Dead Rising-verse.



Thanks to everyone who sent in questions. If you have something to ask us for next month's update use the #AskCapVan on Twitter.


Thank you for another great month, and we'll see you in May!