Action & Adventure


What do we value at Capcom Vancouver? It all comes down to the people we work with.  

We thrive on people and personalities. You’ve got a lot of employment choices when you make video games. The place you decide to work at had better feel awesome - or why bother? Who you make games WITH is equally important as WHAT you make!


We are an open and transparent studio. We share information, we tell you where we are going – and you are part of the journey. We take risks, set lofty goals, and work hard together to get it done.


We are always looking for the next “Braveheart” to join our team. Can you lead us over the hill in the highlands? Can you bring fresh new ideas to our studio? Can you build AWESOME?


What are you good at? Can we help you be great at it? We invest in our people with onsite training, creative classes, and guest speakers. We value what makes you unique – and what that can bring to our studio.


We’ve had years of success with the award winning Dead Rising franchise, and we’ve taken that experience and applied it to exciting new projects at the studio.

We are Capcom Vancouver, an Action /Adventure studio.


We need people that can GET TO THE FUN – FAST.


We need and reward people who are INNOVATORS and EXPLORERS.


If you’re ready… REALLY READY to be a part of an amazing journey, you should give us a call.

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