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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada is one of the world’s most beautiful, livable cities and just happens to be one of the premier video game development hubs in the world.

Useful facts about vancouver

  • Repeatedly ranked as one of the world’s most livable cities by the Economist and Mercer’s Quality of Living survey.
  • Conde Nast travel magazine rated Vancouver the top destination city in the Americas.
  • If you’re feeling energetic you could golf, ski and sail, all in the same day. Then go for Ethiopian food or buy fish right from the docks on Granville Island.

Random facts about Vancouver

  • Howard Hughes holed himself up here for a while in the 1970’s, he came for the view.
  • Seth Rogan, Pamela Anderson, Douglas Coupland, Michael J. Fox, Greenpeace, Michael Buble and Skinny Puppy are all from here.
  • You may have heard of our hockey team, the Canucks?
  • MacGyver, Captain Kirk and Marty McFly live in Vancouver. Nuff said.