Capcom Game Studio Vancouver

Dead Rising 2

Innovative weapons, a huge world to play in, and the most zombies on screen in any game, ever. Voted Gamespot Funniest Game of the Year. Dead Rising 2 tells the story of motocross champion Chuck Greene, trapped in America’s playground, Fortune City, during an “accidental” zombie outbreak on the set of the zombie reality game show “Terror Is Reality”. Fortunately, in the world of Dead Rising, anything and everything is a weapon. Not only that, Chuck is handy enough with duct tape that he can combine weapons to create hilarious and effective new ones. Dead Rising’s trademark DIY humor and zombie hoards combine to create hours of bloodthirsty fun. Game Informer gave Dead Rising 2 a 9.5 out of a possible 10, and rightly suggested that “the apocalypse shouldn’t be this much fun.”