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As one of the largest game studios in Canada, Capcom has a diverse array of career paths for you to pursue. Become a designer and help shape the gaming experience; join the programming team and hone your craft in gaming execution; share your artistic talents and bring characters and entire worlds to life. Those are just a few examples of what we’re looking for—if you’re good at it, we want it. Check out our exciting opportunities below.


Smart, Passionate, Driven

Get creative. Take risks. Push the boundaries of gaming. Be a CORE member of an awesome team. We’re looking for the best game-makers to help pioneer the future of our industry. If this sounds like you, we want to hear from you.

Legend, Legacy, Lore at Capcom

Capcom’s legendary IP has been delighting gamers for decades, and we’re poised to deliver even more new worlds and adventures. The studio that brought you the Dead Rising series is hard at work looking for the next great gaming experience. Dive deep into the rich narratives and original gameplay of Capcom as we build the future of gaming.

Discover Vancouver, Canada

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