Here at Capcom Vancouver we have a lot of creative and talented people. Normally we spend our days using their abilities to make some of the best video games in the industry, but once a year our creative energy turns to Halloween. Our annual costume contest is epic, with staff spending countless hours of their non-work lives crafting unique costumes for a chance to win bragging rights for the year. This year saw record participation as new arrivals to the studio gave the old professionals a run for their money. From Stranger Things and the US Presidential Election to Star [Continue reading ]

As we celebrated the 10th anniversary of the release of the original Dead Rising in 2006 the development team here at Capcom Vancouver started to reminisce about their memories of the game that launched the series that has come to define the studio. [Continue reading ]

The line is still there, larger than the last time I looked out through the black curtain to the Gamescom floor. I give a signal to one of the Xbox Ambassadors who are helping us man the Dead Rising 4 booth to signal to him to send in another ten fans as the previous ten finish up talking with the others. One of the departing fans flashes a thumbs up, “It’s fun. Can’t wait.”
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If you’re as excited as we are about the return of the classic Dead Rising games (Dead Rising, Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record) to modern game systems then you’re anxious to see the updates in action. Thus we present you with the official Dead Rising 10th Anniversary Trailer. [Continue reading ]

Ten years ago, Capcom released Dead Rising, a very different kind of zombie game. Embracing both the horror and the absurdity of the zombie genre, Dead Rising stared photo journalist Frank West as he tried to uncover the truth behind a zombie outbreak in a mall. Anything that West could lay his hands on was a weapon, from the conventional to the absurd. [Continue reading ]

Frank West is back in Willamette Colorado the scene of the original Dead Rising zombie outbreak. Why is Frank back now and what challenges does he face? The development team at Capcom Vancouver sat down to talk about our hero’s return and what makes him such a “#@$# talking, #$@ kicking, $#*$*%ther #$%&#*er”. [Continue reading ]