Here at Capcom Vancouver we’re hard at work on multiple projects. While we have been a bit more open in interacting with our fans and dropping a few nuggets of information about what we’re working on until we officially announce what at least one of our projects are there’s a certain level of secrecy at work.   Yet even if we can’t yet talk about what we’re working on we’ve very excited to be able to talk about how we’re working on it and give fans and our fellow game developers a peak behind the yellow letters at the world of [Continue reading ]

  At Capcom Vancouver making games goes beyond a job, it’s our passion. Game development isn’t a normal nine-to-five sort of job but a career where the best developers are constantly learning and growing both their knowledge and skills. One of the ways we improve is by learning from our fellow developers, the people at other studios around the world making the games that we as game fans ourselves love.   The annual Game Developers Conference (GDC) is one of the best opportunities for us to do just that, as developers from around the world gather in San Francisco to talk about [Continue reading ]

We get a lot of people asking how to break into the video game industry. From the outside it may seem an insurmountable task at times and yet clearly it happens. Someone has to be making all of these video games. Zombie AI doesn’t write itself.   Unless it does, and that’s a frightening thought.   Recently we received an email from Lukas, a grade 10 student at Abby Secondary in Abbotsford British Columbia, asking us 14 questions for a career planning course. We passed the questions to a few different people in the studio and decided to share their [Continue reading ]

We’re justifiably proud of our studio management, the great games we’ve released and our great relationship with Capcom. But there’s one great part of working at Capcom Vancouver that we don’t get to take credit for, and that’s the Vancouver part of our name. [Continue reading ]

  Introduction: “I’ve covered wars you know”   Over the years Capcom Vancouver has been making some great games, including The Bigs baseball franchise and more recently the Dead Rising series. We’ve been doing this quietly and in relative secrecy in our Canadian HQ guarded by a specially trained murder of crows. Like supervillains they’ve emerged only when our plans came to fruition, releasing another zombie horde onto the world before retreating into the Burnaby mists and vanishing.   This is something that we want to change. We’re tired of the supervillain life. We’re proud of what we make and want to share it with our [Continue reading ]