To celebrate Canada Day this year we turned to the staff at Capcom Vancouver to ask them what their favourite Canadian made games are. So when you’ve finished firing up your BBQ and listening to some Tragically Hip this July 1st, take a look at these great Canadian video games. [Continue reading ]

From the moment that Dead Rising 4 was announced at this year’s E3 everyone here at Capcom Vancouver realized that we had something special on our hands. During the long dark tea time of our souls developing the game in secrecy we hoped that people would like what we were working on and the choices that we were making, but actually getting the game in front of fans and press and seeing a remarkable response has been gratifying.   When E3 was all said and done Dead Rising 4 was nominated for 21 E3 awards and won 11 of them. [Continue reading ]

With the rush of excitement from E3 starting to fade we thought this was a good time to go back through some of the things we talked about during the various E3 interviews and highlight some facts about Dead Rising 4 you might have missed. [Continue reading ]

Frank West is the Dead Rising series’ most iconic character is coming back in our next game Dead Rising 4 which was announced at Microsoft’s Xbox presentation yesterday. Since then the Internet’s been abuzz with news and first impressions of the game. [Continue reading ]

  Hey Zombie fans! On behalf of the entire development team at Capcom Vancouver, we’re extremely excited to bring Frank West back to the Dead Rising series in Dead Rising 4.   Frank is back in Willamette, Colorado sixteen years after the events of the original Dead Rising. A mysterious outbreak has overrun the Willamette Memorial Megaplex Mall and surrounding town with deadly predators and Frank soon realizes that what’s dead doesn’t always stay that way.   As Frank seeks to uncover the truth behind the outbreak, he will face new undead enemies, including the Fresh – newly zombified victims [Continue reading ]

We’ve recently shared the new trailer for Dead Rising: Endgame, and now we have some images of the movie to show you. The sequel to last year’s hit Crackle film Dead Rising: Watchtower the film is based on our Dead Rising video game franchise.   Dead Rising: Endgame will be streaming on Crackle starting June 20th.