You already know that Frank West has covered wars. Beyond that though not a lot is known about the man behind the camera who unveiled the government’s involvement in the zombie outbreaks. As he heads off to this years San Diego Comic Con to promote his upcoming game Dead Rising 4 Frank West sat down with us for an exclusive look behind the lens. West is… ummm… frank and brutally honest in this once in a lifetime interview. [Continue reading ]

Based off the hit video game series developed right here at Capcom Vancouver the second film in the Dead Rising series is now streaming live in the United States and Canada. Americans can watch Dead Rising: Endgame on Crackle while Canadians can watch it on Shomi. [Continue reading ]

We see you, glancing at us wondering why in 2016 we decided it was finally time to tell you that we have a Twitter account. There’s cats that have Twitter accounts these days, so why are we so proud of having one? [Continue reading ]

With our original zombie slaying hero Frank West returning this holiday season in Dead Rising 4 now is a good time to get up to speed with the story of the Dead Rising series. If you’re a long time fan you may already know the story inside and out, but ArcadeCloud’s three minute animated recap is well worth a watch even as a refresher. [Continue reading ]

To celebrate Canada Day ´╗┐this year we turned to the staff at Capcom Vancouver to ask them what their favourite Canadian made games are. So when you’ve finished firing up your BBQ and listening to some Tragically Hip this July 1st, take a look at these great Canadian video games. [Continue reading ]

From the moment that Dead Rising 4 was announced at this year’s E3 everyone here at Capcom Vancouver realized that we had something special on our hands. During the long dark tea time of our souls developing the game in secrecy we hoped that people would like what we were working on and the choices that we were making, but actually getting the game in front of fans and press and seeing a remarkable response has been gratifying.   When E3 was all said and done Dead Rising 4 was nominated for 21 E3 awards and won 11 of them. [Continue reading ]

With the rush of excitement from E3 starting to fade we thought this was a good time to go back through some of the things we talked about during the various E3 interviews and highlight some facts about Dead Rising 4 you might have missed. [Continue reading ]